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Svea is one of nine children born and raised in Northern Ontario where her imagination was set free to roam within the vastness of the surrounding wilderness. A cluster of birch trees were suddenly transformed becoming castles or dungeons which ever met the needs of her imagination in that precise moment. Rock formations up on the hill proved to be the perfect room for capturing towering monsters when Svea played outside with her brothers and sisters. It wasn't until years later that her sister divulged she had encouraged her to make up bedtime stories just so she would be the first to fall asleep. Theses early sessions fueled the passion and creativity to write children's stories years later when her own children started having their own children. Her grandchildren became her new audience. Presently residing on Vancouver Island, Svea enjoys the freedom of nature once again and is actively pursuing her writing career. 

Artist Statement

As an artist, painting has become such an integral part of my life. I am constantly reminded that life is a continuous flow of movement. It is never ending. I believe the love of painting, the time and energy spent on each piece I put forth will continue to inspire and heal others who may come to study any particular piece. It is uncanny to discover the commonalities between myself and the viewer when we discuss the particular piece they are drawn to. We all have areas within us that need to heal.

Art became a healing force in my life.

Early in 2000, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The initial onset of this disease was quick and very painful. The next few years I was floundering in the medical realm trying to subdue the excruciating pain that was attacking my body. At the same time I was introduced to a paint brush and acrylic paint and soon thereafter oil paints. Painting became the treasured medicine I desperately needed. The smooth flow of oil paints seemed to match my own rhythm at the time. A rhythm I required at that time to heal.

I would quietly paint for hours and hours. My pain became secondary. With very little instruction, I took to it like a moth to a light in the night and I have never stopped.
I giggle at my very first attempts. I remember how much I loved each piece thinking they were all masterpieces. Distant memories of my children bringing home their first pieces of art from kindergarten came to mind.

The following years found me creating, writing and illustrating my first children’s book. The title of my book is “I Can Count. So Can You. We Are Silly Eggaroos.”

I am blessed to have discovered the quote on the home page by Vincent Van Gogh…and so I silence that voice and also silence the pain.

Svea Swanson

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